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Virginia's government was run by the House of Burgesses. How were most of the communities in Massachusetts run?
a) Town meetings
b) Parliament
c) Congress
d) Tribal gatherings

What group of people founded Massachusetts?
a) Puritans
b) Catholics
c) Christians
d) Massachusetts Company

Why did Roger Williams found Rhode Island?
a) Religious freedom and toleration
b) Cotton plantations
c) Search for gold
d) Wanted to be governor of his own colony

Why did the Puritans leave England for the New World?
a) They were being persecuted for their religion in England
b) They wanted to try a new adventure
c) They inherited thousands of dollars from the Parliament
d) Parliament made a law declaring all Puritans to go to the New World

Rhode Island was founded by what person?
a) Roger Williams
b) John Smith
c) Duke of York
d) Ben Franklin

Which of the following was NOT a reason for the Salem Witch Trials occuring?
a) Witch books becoming popular
b) Extreme religious faith
c) Stress from a growing population
d) Narrow opportunities for women and girls to participate in Puritan society

Why did Britain's king cancel the Massachusetts charter in 1686?
a) To get more control over trade with the colonies
b) To give the colonies more freedom
c) To help Massachusetts set up its own government
d) Because the colony was sold to the Dutch

What was the name of the early and bloody conflict between English colonists and Native Americans in New England?
a) King Phillip's War
b) Pequot War
c) Metacom's Battle
d) Powhatan's War

What was the purpose of the Half-Way Covenant?
a) To allow partial church membership for the children and grandchildren of the original Puritans
b) To allow children and grandchildren of the original Puritans to become ministers
c) To allow Puritan women to become more active in the church
d) Took away the power of ministers in the community

What institution controlled most of the government and everday activities in New England?
a) Church
b) House of Burgesses
c) Congress
d) Tribal gatherings

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