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The number of bones and their condition can tell an investigator about a person's:
a) Age
b) Health
c) Calcium intake
d) All of the above

Osteobiography literally translates as the story of life as told by:
a) Nutrition
b) The bones
c) Exercise
d) Bone repair

Compared to a woman's skeleton, a man's skeleton is usually:
a) Thicker
b) Rougher
c) Quite bumpy in apperance
d) All of these choices

To distinguish between the male and female pelvis, the sub pubic angle is:
a) Greater than ninety degrees on the female and less than ninety degrees on the male
b) Less than ninety degrees on the female and greater than ninety degrees on the male
c) Greater than ninety degrees on both the female and the male
d) None of these choices

The scientific study of the origin, behavior, as well as the physical, social, and cultural development of humans is:
a) Anthropology
b) Osteobiography
c) Osteoporosis
d) Ossification

The main suture marks on a skull, marking where the bones are growing together, are:
a) The lambdoidal
b) The sagittal
c) The coronal
d) All of these choices

DNA profiling usually uses nuclear DNA, which is found in the nucleus of white blood cells and other body tissues. Bone contains:
a) Little nuclear material, but it does contain mitochondrial DNA
b) Much nuclear material
c) Much nuclear material, but it also contains mitochondrial DNA
d) None of these choices

Bones exposed to the elements for long periods of time are often damaged by:
a) Animals only
b) Weathering only
c) Weathering and animals
d) None of these choices

The strength of bone decreases as it ages or dries out. Living bone is actually quite flexible when compared to dry and brittle bones and therefore, they break in different ways. Living bones will usually shatter in a:
a) Spiral pattern parallel to the length
b) Linear pattern parallel to the length
c) Linear pattern perpendicular to the length
d) None of these choices

When the head of a long bone, like the thigh or upper arm has totally fused to its shaft, this is another indication of:
a) Age
b) Height
c) Weight
d) Proportions

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