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Because tobacco was a labor-intensive crop, Virginia's economy became highly dependent on what?
a) Slavery
b) Native Americans
c) Gold
d) Cotton

Which of the following was NOT a reason that the first colonists decided to settle at Jamestown?
a) Vibrant city life
b) Great harbors and rivers
c) Temperate climate
d) Fertile, rich soil

What was the name of the company that created the first colony in North America?
a) Virginia Company
b) New York Company
c) Georgia Company
d) Massachusetts Company

What was the reason for Bacon's Rebellion?
a) The Indians wanted protection from the white settlers
b) The poor white and slave settlers wanted more land and protection from the Native Americans
c) The governor wanted more land for his settlers
d) The settlers wanted to return home to England

What was the House of Burgesses?
a) The first legislative body in the New World
b) The first judicial body in the New World
c) The name of the first governor's mansion
d) The first executive body in the New World

What Native American chief was the first to come in contact with the Jamestown settlers?
a) Pocahontas
b) Powhatan
c) Metacom
d) Sitting Bull

What was Pocahontas' role between the colonists and Native Americans?
a) She taught the colonists how to grow crops
b) She was a member of the House of Burgesses
c) She was an ambassador between the colonists and Native Americans
d) She showed the colonists a sea route to India

What crop made the settlement of Jamestown profitable?
a) Corn
b) Cotton
c) Tobacco
d) Indigo

What were the first settlers of Virginia looking for?
a) Gold
b) Corn
c) Timber
d) Tobacco

What country was the first to permanently colonize the continent of North America?
a) France
b) Spain
c) England
d) Portugal

What was the first permanent English settlement in North America?
a) New York City
b) New Amsterdam
c) Philadelphia
d) Jamestown

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