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Who were the first ones to release a dual core processor?
a) Intel
b) IBM
c) AMD
d) Other

What does RAM stand for?
a) A male sheep
b) Ridiculously Advanced Machinery
c) Random Access Memory
d) Other

What's the most important part when it comes to CPU's?
a) Clock frequency
b) Architecture
c) Amount of cores
d) Other

What's the basis on which computer parts are based?
a) Sound card
b) Processor
c) Motherboard
d) Other

Why is cleaning your PC case important?
a) Because dust can appear in your fan, slowing it down, causing CPU overheat.
b) So it's nice and clean.
c) To make sure bacteria don't get inside.
d) Other.

What does a GPU do?
a) It processes graphics data.
b) Calculates different things.
c) Stores memory.
d) Other

What happens if you put a magnet next to your hard drive, and move it back and forth several times?
a) It helps the accumulation of data.
b) You wipe the hard drive, causing the loss of all data.
c) It does nothing
d) Other.

What was the first microcomputer ever created?
a) Intel 8080
b) TMS 1000
c) Intel 4004
d) Other.

Can you fit processors of different architecture on one motherboard?
a) Yes
b) No
c) It depends
d) Other

Do you need a big pc case just for an office PC?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Depends on whether it has a physically large sized GPU
d) Other.

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