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Short Story - The Story Of An Hour.[print questions]

An unexpected twist at the end of a story is called...
a) an allusion.
b) imagery.
c) theme.
d) irony.

What point of view is this story told from?
a) omniscient
b) limited
c) first person
d) objective

The room with the armchair by the window is the...
a) plot.
b) setting.
c) theme.
d) point of view.

Her pulses beat fast, and the coursing blood warmed and relaxed every inch of her body is an example of
a) a simile.
b) a metaphor.
c) an allusion.
d) imagery.

What problem did Mrs. Mallard have?
a) Heart trouble.
b) Blindness.
c) A broken bone.
d) Stomach trouble.

Mr. Mallard returning home in the story is what part of the plot?
a) rising action
b) climax
c) falling action
d) resolution

How did Mrs. Mallard respond to the news of her husband at first?
a) She laughed.
b) She locked herself in her room.
c) She cried.
d) She just stared.

The delicious breath of rain was in the air... is an example of...
a) a simile.
b) a metaphor.
c) an allusion.
d) personification.

What did Mrs. mallard believe happened to Mr. Mallard?
a) He left her for another woman.
b) He died in a train accident.
c) He fell off a ladder at work and died.
d) He left her to get a divorce.

What was the best theme for this story?
a) Don't be happy about the death of your husband.
b) Don't stay in a loveless marriage.
c) Don't live life for anyone except yourself.
d) A woman thought her husband died, but he didn't. Then she died.

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