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Why did the King get off of his horse to visit the hermit?
a) The hermit was afraid of animals.
b) The hermit only received common folk.
c) The King did not want the hermit to hear him coming.
d) The King wanted to be alone to see the hermit.

The line Here comes someone running leads the reader to expect something to happen in the future. This prediction is called...
a) an allusion.
b) imagery.
c) foreshadowing.
d) personification.

The part of the story where the King goes to visit the hermit and begins speaking with him is known as the ...
a) exposition
b) climax
c) falling action
d) rising action

The bearded man came...
a) to kill the King.
b) to find the King to warn him of danger.
c) to ask the hermit questions.
d) to get the reward from the King for answering his questions.

The hermit is a character that did not change which means he is a
a) dynamic character.
b) static character.
c) flat character.
d) round character.

What was the hermit doing when the King arrived?
a) Hiding in the forest.
b) Meditating.
c) Sowing his garden.
d) Helping the wounded bearded man.

A story designed to teach a lesson is called....
a) a narrative.
b) a persuasive story.
c) personification.
d) a fable.

What is the most important occupation according to the hermit?
a) Science.
b) Doing good to others.
c) Warfare.
d) Priests.

Why did the bearded man want the King dead?
a) To get the reward.
b) To take over the kingdom.
c) To avenge his brother's death.
d) To protect the hermit.

The moral or the lesson a story wants to teach is the...
a) theme.
b) setting.
c) plot.
d) point of view.

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