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Tom did not go to the movies with his wife because...
a) he was meeting another woman.
b) he had a major project to finish at work.
c) he didn't enjoy being with his wife anymore.
d) he was working on an extra project for work.

The following item was not found in Tom's pocket.
a) coins.
b) matches.
c) a wallet.
d) three letters.

His teeth were exposed in a frozen grimace, the strength draining like water from his knees and calves... is an example of
a) personification.
b) a simile.
c) a metaphor.
d) motivation.

The most meaningful theme of this story is...
a) Don't walk on a ledge.
b) A man loses his paper out on a ledge and goes out to find it.
c) Remember what matters in life.
d) On a ledge over Lexington Avenue.

The irony of this story was...
a) that he ended up going to the movies with Clare.
b) that he didn't get the promotion.
c) that he broke the window and made it back inside.
d) that the paper flew back out the window.

How did he get back in the window?
a) Hitting it with the full force of his hand.
b) Hitting it with a rock he found in his pocket.
c) Hitting it with his shoe.
d) Kicking it in.

The climax of the story was...
a) when the paper flew out the window and landed on the edge.
b) when he retrieved the paper.
c) when he got back to the window and it slammed shut.
d) when he broke the window and landed in the apartment.

The antagonist in this story is...
a) the wind.
b) the ledge.
c) Clare.
d) Tom.

The setting of the story was...
a) the paper flying out the window and onto the ledge.
b) nighttime on a ledge overlooking Lexington Avenue outside an apartment.
c) Focus on the important things.
d) Clare because she was at the movies.

The story was told in what point of view?
a) omniscient
b) 2nd person
c) objective
d) limited

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