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What is shortcut to paste?
a) control paste
b) alt paste
c) alt v
d) control v

What keys show your desktop?
a) Microsoft flag v
b) Microsoft flag g
c) Microsoft flag d because d is first letter of desktop
d) You should never show your desktop

What is shortcut to copy cut something when you only want it to be in the second place, but you do not want it left in the first place?
a) control c
b) control snippet
c) Bob can replicate anything with his printer.
d) control x

What is shortcut to copy when you want the copy to be in the first place and also in a second place?
a) control x
b) Get your pencil out and copy it.
c) control c
d) control v

What is the shortcut to highlight all or everything?
a) click on blank space/ control a for all
b) alt h p
c) control p
d) you should never collect everything because your clipboard will fill up.

What is the short cut key to redo an action that was undone with a control z?
a) control redo
b) control y
c) control z
d) You should never redo something if you just do it right the first time.

The shortcut to print a document is:
a) Control z
b) Control z
c) Control p
d) Bob will hand write each document for me when I want a copy of it.

How can you take a snip of a computer screen?
a) control take/take picture to the internet/control v to paste
b) Bob brings his camera in and takes a picture of my screen for me.
c) Grab the scissors/cut/paste
d) Click flag to go to home screen/type snippet/marquee the picture want/copy/paste into a Word document. Save the document.

What does red underlining of a word mean?
a) The user is supposed to click on the red to link them to the dictionary.
b) The user is supposed to change the letters to all be the color red.
c) The user should change the style of the font letter.
d) The user should check to see if that word is spelled correctly by right clicking the red word and evaluating recommendations.

What are steps to find a word?
a) open margins/control f
b) Control f/click on blank space
c) Click on blank space/control f
d) Home/Find

What is shortcut to undo or go back in time, to get rid of a mistake you made?
a) Control y
b) Control back
c) Control z
d) Control s

What is shortcut to open a new blank document inside the Word program?
a) Control o for open
b) control n for new, but inside One Drive you have to click the word New
c) File/alt/n
d) Click on blank space of current Word document/Control n for new. Or Open Word Program, go to File/New.

What is shortcut to save?
a) Save as
b) Control s
c) Control z
d) Alt s

When saving directly on your computer (this is not talking about saving on One Drive) What is the difference between the first time you save a document, compared to any other time you save that same document?
a) The first time, simply click control s and it will automatically save.
b) The first time you save, control s; navigate to the location the document should live at; type document name; click save.
c) The first time you save a document it is new, so you have to click control n for new.
d) The first time you save a document, be sure to save it on your desktop.

How do you quickly toggle/switch between 2 different documents or screens?
a) alt tab
b) touch white space of the 2 documents you want to use, then alt tab quickly and not in a machine gun like manner.
c) take your mouse and click on the one you want.
d) Make all documents smaller so that you can fit them all on your screen.

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