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The atoms of the element nitrogen will look
a) different in various places on earth
b) exactly the same every time
c) upside down when in mountain air
d) like the atoms of oxygen sometimes

Air is an example of
a) atom
b) compound
c) homogeneous mixture
d) heterogeneous mixture

Hydrogen is an example of
a) mixture
b) element
c) homogeneous
d) heterogeneous

Water is an example of
a) element
b) compound
c) mixture
d) atom

All matter has
a) a positive charge
b) two or more atoms combined
c) mass and takes up space
d) can be a solid and liquid

One element is composed of
a) two different atoms
b) three of the same molecules
c) one kind of atom
d) many compounds

The two substances in a compound like H2O
a) keep their old identities
b) change into two new elements
c) combine to make a new substance
d) become a mixture

How many atoms are in the compound CO2
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Trail Mix is an example of
a) a compound
b) a heterogeneous mixture
c) a homogeneous mixture
d) an element

Mixtures are
a) combined chemically
b) combined into a new substance
c) not touching at all
d) combined physically

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