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Using words that appeal to senses to paint a picture in the reader's mind is...
a) a symbol.
b) personification.
c) motivation.
d) imagery.

A comparison between two unlike things using like or as is...
a) a simile.
b) personification.
c) a metaphor.
d) an allusion.

A reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art is .....
a) motivation.
b) an allusion.
c) personification.
d) a simile.

The part of the story where the writer introduces it is called....
a) climax.
b) rising action.
c) exposition.
d) resolution

The main character that faces a conflict is...
a) a round character.
b) the antagonist.
c) a dynamic character.
d) the protagonist.

A story told by an all-knowing narrator is...
a) limited
b) objective
c) third person
d) omniscient

The lesson or moral of the story is.....
a) theme.
b) plot.
c) point of view.
d) setting.

A character who changes in the story is....
a) a round character.
b) a flat character.
c) a static character.
d) a dynamic character.

The place and time of the story is known as the.....
a) plot
b) theme
c) setting
d) point of view

A round character is a character who
a) stays the same.
b) is well-developed.
c) faces a conflict and changes in the story.
d) is not well-developed.

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