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a) wrong place
b) placed gently
c) had something made
d) used to open something

a) not sense, meaningless language
b) advanced writing
c) hard to understand
d) written for someone else

a) not understood
b) forgot
c) did not hear
d) performed wrong

a) not fiction, factual
b) long
c) funny
d) historical

a) before
b) special
c) following
d) additionally

a) help
b) find
c) teache
d) write

a) act of kindness
b) bad behavior
c) pleasant teste
d) cure for hunger

a) robberies
b) trials
c) accidents
d) criminals

a) someone thought to be guilty
b) someone on a jury
c) person who makes laws
d) person who saw a crime

a) wrong behave, act badly
b) try out
c) talk loudly
d) fail to work

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