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Which of these statements is correct?
a) Only discovery science can lead to important conclusions about nature.
b) Scientific ideas are subjected to repeated testing.
c) Science can be used to prove or disprove the idea that deities or spirits cause earthquakes and other natural disasters.
d) Science does not require observations that other people can confirm.

What is the difference between discovery science and hypothesis-driven science?
a) Discovery science is mostly about describing nature, whereas hypothesis-driven science tries to explain nature.
b) Discovery science discovers new knowledge, whereas hypothesis-driven science does not.
c) Discovery science is based on deductive reasoning, whereas hypothesis-driven science is based on inductive reasoning.
d) Discovery science involves predictions about outcomes, whereas hypothesis-driven science involves tentative answers to specif

A hypothesis is a(n) ______.
a) guess
b) theory
c) tentative answer to a question
d) observation

Which of these would be a valid hypothesis? (Which one is testable?)
a) Humans and bacteria share a common genetic code.
b) Human history is determined by a series of supernatural events.
c) Humans are controlled by forces beyond our understanding.
d) Humans should help in the conservation of other animal species.

Discovery science is primarily based on ______. (Think: Jane Goodall and chimps.)
a) experimentation
b) hypothesis testing
c) deduction
d) observation

What accounts for the different breeds of domesticated dogs?
a) artificial selection
b) natural selection
c) overproduction
d) competition

What does adaptation mean in a biological context?
a) the way an individual's body adjusts to its environment
b) the ability of organisms to alter their appearance under changing environmental conditions
c) the accumulation of favorable variations in a population over time
d) all of the above

Which of these is most closely associated with Darwin?
a) energy flow
b) natural selection
c) the three domains of life
d) ecosystem structure

Which of these is required for natural selection to occur?
a) unequal reproductive success
b) individual variation
c) inheritance
d) all of the above

Unequal reproductive success ______.
a) can lead to natural selection
b) does not affect the frequency of expression of traits in succeeding generations of a population
c) increases variation
d) can lead to a population being less well adapted to its environment

The branch of biology that explains both the diversity and the unity of life is ______.
a) genetics
b) microbiology
c) taxonomy
d) evolution

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