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What name is given to the functional compartments of a cell?
a) organelles
b) genomes
c) nuclei
d) genes

The DNA of a eukaryotic cell is found within the ______.
a) prokaryotic cell
b) insulin
c) archaea
d) nucleus

What is a gene?
a) a unit of inheritance
b) a type of eukaryotic cell
c) a type of prokaryotic cell
d) an organelle that houses DNA

Members of the kingdom Plantae differ from members of the other kingdoms of Eukarya in that most members of the kingdom Plantae ______.
a) are consumers
b) are unicellular
c) produce their own food
d) are decomposers

A newly discovered multicellular organism obtains food by digesting dead organisms. Such an organism is most likely a member of the kingdom ______.
a) Animalia
b) Fungi
c) Plantae
d) Protista

Which kingdom of Eukarya consists primarily of unicellular organisms?
a) Bacteria
b) Fungi
c) Protista
d) Plantae

Which domain(s) consist(s) of prokaryotic cells?
a) Archaea and Eukarya
b) Bacteria and Archaea
c) Eukarya only
d) Bacteria only

Taxonomy is the ______.
a) study of cells
b) study of genes
c) naming and classifying of species
d) study of organisms and their interaction with the environment

More than half of all known species are ______.
a) insects
b) plants
c) vertebrates
d) bacteria

The human genome consists of about ______ chemical letters.
a) 300 billion
b) 3 billion
c) 300,000
d) 1 million

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