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This is the desire to make money.
a) profit
b) profit motive
c) happiness
d) none of the above



This function is responsible for handling all paperwork associated with ordering and inventory
a) operations
b) management
c) marketing
d) information technology

An item you buy.
a) needs
b) wants
c) products
d) services

Activities you pay someone to do for you.
a) need
b) want
c) product
d) service

This function is responsible for mainting all computer and software for the business
a) accounting
b) marketing
c) management
d) information technology

This function is responsible for making sure the goals are met
a) operations
b) marketing
c) information technology
d) management

This person buys goods/services
a) customer
b) consumer
c) both
d) neither

This functions handles all the money (ex. pays taxes)
a) marketing
b) accounting
c) information technology
d) operations

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