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Word Problems With Decimals That Do Not Include Remainders.[print questions]

Jacob has a can of beans. He needs to divide the beans into sets of 48 beans each. There are 389 beans in the can. How many sets of 48 can he make?
a) 7 sets
b) 8 sets
c) 9 sets
d) Not here

Sharon is organizing her CD collection. She has 68 CD's in all, and each case holds 25 CD's. How many racks does she need to buy to hold her entire collection?
a) 1 rack
b) 2 racks
c) 2.5 racks
d) 3 racks

Jesse is making cookies for a bake sale. He wants to make at least 342 cookies (one for each student in his school). One batch makes 25 cookies. How many batches should he make?
a) 13 batches
b) 13.68 batches
c) 14 batches
d) 15 batches

Mrs. Hanley's 6th grade class is setting up chairs for the school play. 21 chairs fit in each row. How many rows are needed for the 300 people expected to attend?
a) 13 rows
b) 14 rows
c) 14.28 rows
d) 15 rows

Tommy is saving up to attend as many football games as he can afford. Each ticket is $15. If Tommy has $238, how many games will he be able to go to?
a) 15 games
b) 15.8 games
c) 14 games
d) Not here

Ella is making bracelets for charity. Each bracelet requires 14 beads. If she has 80 beads, how many bracelets will she be able to make?
a) 4 bracelets
b) 5 bracelets
c) 6 bracelets
d) 7 bracelets

Three friends held a lemonade stand. They collected a total of $29.60. After paying $8 back to their parents for supplies, they split the rest evenly. How much money did each friend get?
a) $6.00 per person
b) $7.00 per person
c) $7.20 per person
d) $9.80 per person

A new baseball glove costs $25. If the Fast Hitters baseball team has $431, how many new gloves can they purchase?
a) 16 gloves
b) 17 gloves
c) 18 gloves
d) 19 gloves

Mrs. Frye is buying books for her classroom. She has 30 students and wants them to have 2 books each. If books are sold in cases of 50, how many cases should she buy?
a) 1 case
b) Not here
c) 3 cases
d) 2 cases

Green Middle School is planning a field trip. With students, teachers, and chaperones, they have 255 people going on the field trip. If each bus can seat 60 people, how many buses are needed?
a) 3 buses
b) 4 buses
c) 5 buses
d) 6 buses

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