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What does 'teleology' mean?
a) every action and purpose is aimed at some good
b) every action has consequences
c) every action sets of a chain of events
d) every action shifts the universe backwards

What is the way to happiness, according to Aristotle?
a) To forget oneself and do good actions to become good
b) To forget oneself and focus on one's career in society
c) To avoid worshiping the pagan gods
d) To achieve the highest education possible

Aristotle is best described as...
a) wealthy, Persian, kind, fun-loving
b) homeless, Greek, ugly, rebellious
c) wealthy, Greek, rebellious, old
d) homeless, Persian, angry, intelligent

Who invented the idea of 'teleological ethics'?
a) Levinas
b) Kant
c) Aristotle
d) Socrates

What is the definition of ethics?
a) The study of Christian morals
b) The study of how to be good and kind
c) The study of human ideals like freedom and happiness
d) The study of inter-cultural dilemmas

What are the four ways the ethical in you appears?
a) the scream, the beggar, obligation, and contrast/righteous anger
b) the beggar, the scream, the knee-jerk, the contrast
c) the beggar, the yelp, the obligation, the moral outrage
d) the protester, the scream, the beggar, the contrast

You want to become less shy. What is Aristotle's advice to you
a) Remember that people don't matter anyway.
b) Pray intensely.
c) Don't worry about it. Shyness is not a problem.
d) Act courageously. You are what you do.

Good actions, according to Aristotle, are called what?
a) good conduct
b) propriety
c) virtues
d) sweetness

What does Aristotle say we need to use to become virtous and therefore happy?
a) practice
b) reason
c) faith
d) peer support

BONUS: Aristotle proposes a logical way of finding what is virtuous action. What is it called?
a) The golden mean
b) The principal of moderation
c) The perfect scale
d) The inner pact

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