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a) make sense of
b) rewrite
c) complicate
d) deliver to someone

a) move from one place to another
b) banish from a place
c) accompany someone
d) throw away

a) make not active
b) make completely active
c) make active beforehand
d) make more active

a) persuaded
b) trapped
c) chased
d) ordered

a) mournful
b) threatening
c) spirited
d) cheerful

a) loud noises
b) fighting
c) demands
d) playful sounds

a) gathered into a bunch
b) grew up together
c) walked in a circle
d) separated from a group

a) empty space
b) deep pit
c) forgotten area
d) mysterious place

a) relocation
b) advancement
c) college degree
d) order to do something

a) remove frost
b) cool down
c) charge up
d) cause frost

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