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Forensics Documents.

In order to make a positive match between unknown sample and exemplar, an examiner has to
a) have enough of a recent handwriting sample from a known source
b) have a recent copy of something from a suspect
c) have only one sample of the exemplar
d) must be present when the exemplar is obtained

A person can disguise his or her own handwriting by
a) changing from printing to cursive
b) writing for a long time so fatigue sets in
c) a person can never disguise handwriting from an expert
d) both a and b

One key observation in handwriting analysis is
a) the paper that is used
b) the pen that is used
c) the crossing of the t's and dotting of i's
d) the color of ink that is used

A blind forgery of a siganture is made
a) by tracing over the orginal signature
b) without a sample of the orginal signature
c) by photocoping a genuine signature
d) by a person who is visually impaired

A simulated forgery of a signature is made
a) by tracing the orginal signature
b) by using a computer
c) by copiyng a real signature
d) cutting and pasting the original over the forged document

Obliterations are words on a document that
a) can only be read with the use of a special light
b) have been removed by using some physical or chemical substance
c) change the meaing of the original text
d) must be looked up in a dictionary

Light sources such as UV and infared may be used to view
a) different types of inks
b) erasures
c) original text on charred documents
d) all of the listed choices

A watermark on a document is
a) a design incorporated during manufacturing to produce a background patterened area
b) a stain produced by water damage
c) only visible under UV light
d) only seen using infared red

When comparing paper samples you may use the following
a) the material the paper is made from, color, fluorescence
b) density, thickness, weight
c) thickness, volume, erasures
d) volume, thickness, color, watermarks, dyes or bleaches

An easy way to analyze water based inks is the use of
b) paper chromatography
c) a gas chromatograph
d) a spectrophotometer

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