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annual; Every November, Taylor performs in the annual community talent show.
a) yearly
b) lively
c) non-stop
d) oldfashioned

prevent; Wash your hands often to prevent getting sick.
a) keep from happening
b) heal quickly
c) express sorrow for
d) reduce the amount

decree; The court issued a decree for the people to follow.
a) ruling
b) job
c) offer
d) paper

nudged; Samantha nudged her little sister through the doctor's office door.
a) pushed gently
b) yelled at
c) picked up
d) carried through

observed; these trees have a beautiful color during the fall, observed the artist.
a) remarked
b) yelled
c) practiced
d) questioned

a) made
b) bought
c) provided
d) understood

a) easily hurt
b) harmful
c) familiar
d) not permanent

a) came with
b) tookapart
c) gave away
d) returned to

a) looks quickly
b) eats
c) finds
d) steps on

drowsy; Alan felt drowsy in the morning after staying up late the night before.
a) sleepy
b) brave
c) furious
d) terrible

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