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Kim has cleaning chemicals that she uses in the kitchen. What should be done with the chemicals to avoid accidents? Store chemicals:
a) out of the reach of children and clearly labeled.
b) in the laundry room on a low shelf.
c) in the pantry on a low shelf.
d) under the kitchen sink and clearly labeled

What is a safe way to keep kitchen floors to prevent accidents?
a) Allow children to play in the kitchen
b) Anchor area rugs with a non-skid backing
c) Keep floors free of furniture
d) Keep floors well-polished

A Chef's apron caught on fire when cooking. What is BEST for extinguishing the fire on the apron?
a) Baking Soda
b) Flour
c) Salt
d) Water

what can be used to put out a small pan fire?
a) Baking powder
b) Flour
c) Salt
d) Water

What is the result of eating raw oysters that have been held at 41°F and contaminated with fecal matter?
a) Campylocater
b) E-coli
c) Norwalk virus
d) Salmonella

Which is the BEST safe food sanitation procedure?
a) Keep children out of the kitchen.
b) Keep cooked turkey on the counter until it cools.
c) Place raw meat next to raw vegtables in a grocery cart.
d) Wash dishcloths and drying towels often

What is the result of cooking ground beef to 160oF for 15 seconds for home use?
a) To destroy Campylobacter
b) To destroy E-coli
c) To destroy Norwalk virus
d) To destroy Salmonella

Mary was excited when the meal was complete. Everyone in the group did his or her part as assigned on the work plan. This is an example of:
a) changes need to be made for the next meal
b) divide tasks to get the job done
c) food is ready at the same time and served hot
d) food prepared is safe and sanitary

What food was contaminated to cause gastrointestinal discomfort for a person who has Salmonella?
a) Contaminated dairy products.
b) Improperly cooked meat and poultry.
c) Raw meat, unpasteurized dairy, leafy vegetables.
d) Stool-contaminated food, water, or contaminated raw oysters.

Why is the danger zone for home use differenct than food service use?
a) Cooks at home keep their kitchens cleaner and more organized.
b) Home cooks do not always check the internal temperature.
c) Protions at home are not as consistent in size or wieght.
d) Utensils used for cooking food at home are more safe and sanitary than food service.

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