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How To Revise Sentences To Maintain Formal Style When Writing.[print questions]

Tommy wrote an essay arguing that students should be allowed to use their cell phones. Which sentence needs to be revised to maintain a formal voice in his essay?
a) Cell phones are a great tool to use in class.
b) There is no doubt that food can be a distraction.
c) Cell phones are amazing and fun.
d) Other teachers allow cell phones to be used during specific times.

Marissa wrote an essay arguing for more recess time. Which sentence needs to be revised to maintain a formal voice?
a) Additional recess time allows students to exercise for longer periods of time.
b) More recess would help us chill out and calm down.
c) Students will be able to form long lasting relationships.
d) Students will be able to complete a full game of basketball.

Which words should be avoided when maintaining formal style?
a) submit
b) stupid
c) controversial
d) ponder

Which word should be avoided in writing in formal style?
a) you
b) he
c) I
d) They

Which sentence from Kelly's report should he revise to maintain a formal voice?
a) Langston Hughes was a poet of the Harlem Renaissance.
b) He blew open doors for other African-American poets to have their voices heard.
c) He also wrote plays and prose and was a translator.
d) Hughes' contribution to African-American literature is significant and enduring.

Which sentence from Kit's report should he revise to maintain a formal voice?
a) Frost spent several years in England where he met Ezra Pound and published two books of poetry.
b) One of the most beloved American Poets is Robert Frost.
c) You may think of Robert Frost as a poet of New England, but his subject matter is universally appealing.
d) Robert Frost won an astonishing four Pulitzer Prizes, a rare honor.

Which sentence from Theresa's report should she revise to maintain a formal voice?
a) While best known for writing horror stories, Poe also wrote beautiful poetry.
b) I have found movies made from his stories that bear little resemblance to his original work.
c) An orphan before the age of three, Poe grew up in Virginia under the care of John and Frances Allan.
d) Poe was a controversial figure no only during his life but is still so today, long after his death.

To maintain a formal style, what should a writer avoid?
a) opinion
b) fact
c) opposing side
d) claims

Julie wrote an essay arguing for teachers to be available after school for tutoring. Which sentence needs to be revised to maintain a formal voice?
a) It would be helpful if teachers would spend an hour once a week tutoring after school.
b) You may get so behind in class that you can never make up all the work you've missed.
c) The tutoring I received from Mr. Gallegos on my geography homework helped me improve my grade in his class.
d) Other people may be able to help some, but only the teacher of the class knows what he or she intends students to learn.

Which sentence from Lori's report should be revised to maintain a formal style.
a) Emily Dickinson kind of twists the English language.
b) Dickinson spent most of her life living alone.
c) She is best known for her unusual punctuation.
d) It was only after her death that her numerous poems were discovered.

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