Ch. 11 Empire To Feudalism Question Preview (ID: 1568)

Feudalism In The Middle Ages. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

After the fall of Rome, popes such as ______ filled the power vacuum in Italy and helped maintain unity in Europe.
a) Clovis
b) Gregory the Great
c) Pontifex Maximus
d) Leo III

The title used first by Roman emperors and later by popes was________.
a) bishop
b) diocese
c) Mayor of the Palace
d) pontifex maximus

The freedom-loving Germanic people who settled in what is today called France and Germany were the _________.
a) Franks
b) Moors
c) Lombards
d) Magyars

The first great Frankish military and political leader was _____________.
a) Pepin the Short
b) Clovis
c) Gregory the Great
d) Charles Martel

This Frankish ruler started the ____________line of kings.
a) Frankish
b) Carolingian
c) Merovingian
d) Gregorian

The church council called by Clovis met in the city of _______________.
a) Nicaea
b) Ravenna
c) Poitiers
d) Orleans

As kings grew lazier and more wicked, the true power of government fell into the hands of officials called_____________.
a) bishops
b) Magyars
c) Lombards
d) Mayors of the Palace

Charles Martel sought to win the favor of the church by supporting a missionary named _________________.
a) Gregory of Tours
b) Bishop Boniface
c) Charles the Simple
d) Lothair

In 732, Charles Martel turned back a Muslim invasion of Europe at the Battle of ____________.
a) Tolbiac
b) Tours
c) Gaul
d) Ravenna

Martel's son _________ felt that he should have the title of king since he performed the duties of a king.
a) Gregory the Great
b) Charlemagne
c) LeoIII
d) Pepin the Short

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