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convert 89000 to scientific notation
a) 8.9 x 10^ -4
b) 89 x 10^4
c) 89000 x 10^4
d) 8.9 x 10^4

convert 1.24 x 10^ -3 to standard notation
a) 0.0000124
b) 0.00124
c) 0.0124
d) 1240

convert 4.5 x 10^5 to standard notation
a) .00045
b) .000045
c) 450000
d) 4500

How many sig figs does 2.3445 have?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 2
d) 1

Round 45.90 to two sig figs
a) 45.900
b) 45.9
c) 45
d) 46

convert 7.8g to kg
a) 0.078kg
b) 0.0078kg
c) 78kg
d) 7.8kg

Convert 4.5 cm to inches (2.54cm/ 1 inch)
a) 4.5inches
b) 11.43inches
c) 1.6inches
d) 1.77inches

Convert 4.5inches to cm (2.54cm/ 1 inch)
a) 1.77cm
b) 4.5cm
c) 11.43cm
d) 2.54cm

convert 67L to cL
a) 6700cL
b) 670cL
c) 0.067cL
d) 6.7cL

convert 0.003cm to m
a) 300m
b) 0.3m
c) 0.00003m
d) 0.03m

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