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This type of court will administer wills and estates.
a) Probate court
b) Family court
c) District Court

This type of court will hear cases involving disputes of $2,500 (generally)or less.
a) Small Claims Court
b) Associate Circuit Court
c) Municipal Court

This type of court hears cases involving persons aged 13 to 18.
a) Juvenile Court
b) Federal Criminal Court
c) Municipal Court
d) Probate Court

At what point during a jury trial will a lawyer present their final plea?
a) Closing Arguments
b) Opening Plea
c) Introduction to Evidence

The United States has _____ Courts of Appeals.
a) 9
b) 10
c) 11
d) 13

Which type of court can hear almost any type of case?
a) Court of General Jurisdiction
b) State Supreme Court
c) Specialized Court

Once deliberations are complete, a jury will render its:
a) Verdict
b) Judgment
c) Indictment
d) Closing Argument

This will occur if a person is found to have felony warrants discovered during a routine traffic stop.
a) Answer
b) Arrest
c) Bail

If a defendant does not appear in court at the designated time, they will forfeit:
a) Bail
b) Probation

In which court will a defendant be arraigned?
a) Administrative
b) Civil
c) Criminal

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