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The ER
a) controls the cell's activities
b) is a network of passageways
c) gives the cell strength
d) is located inside the mitochondria

The darker spot in the nuclues that act as storage is the
a) nuclei
b) golgi bodies
c) vacuoles
d) nucleolus

Which of the following descriptions is common to all eukaryotic cells
a) DNA is bundled up in the middle
b) Organelles not covered by a membrane
c) Also called bacteria
d) Have a nucleus

If you were to compare your school to a cell, the nuclues would most likely be the
a) garbage room
b) gym
c) principal's office
d) counselor's office

Messages are carried back and forth from the brain to the spinal cord and other parts of the body by
a) respiratory tissue
b) nervous tissue
c) circulatory system
d) digestive tissues

Which is true about the cells in your body?
a) 200 different types of cells
b) your retina cell of your eye and your skin cells are exactly the same
c) all body cells are prokaryotic
d) body cells have no DNA

Chlorophyll can be found in organelles called
a) amino acids
b) Golgi bodies
c) chloroplast
d) ribosomones

What is the correct order for the level of organization of the human body from smallest to largest
a) organs, tissues, cells, organ systems
b) organ systems, organs, tissues, cells
c) tissues, cells, organs, organ systems
d) cells, tissues, organs, organ systems

Examples of a prokaryotic cells are:
a) fungi
b) euglena
c) bacteria
d) skin cells

Plant cells have larger __________ than animal cells
a) nuclei
b) golgi bodies
c) vacuoles
d) organells

The function of the lysosome is to:
a) give the cell shape
b) make protein
c) store water and food
d) break down particles and worn out cell parts

Which of these pairs are examples of connective tissues?
a) heart and lungs
b) bones and fat
c) arms and legs
d) eyes and ears

The cell wall
a) is found in both the plant and animal cells
b) provides support and structure
c) is another name for the cell membrane
d) is found only in animal cells

DNA is
a) also called the nucleus
b) heredity material
c) stored in the cell's lysosome
d) is in the nucleus of a prokaryotic cell

Photosynthesis takes place in the:
a) mitochondria
b) chloroplast
c) cell wall
d) nucleus

Materials stored inside of a vacuole include
a) water, food, and waste
b) cellulose
c) cytoplasm
d) DNA

3 types of muscle tissues are
a) cardiac, skeletal, and smooth
b) skeleton, cartilage, and ligaments
c) kidneys, stomach, and heart
d) muscular, bones, and skeletal

Our skin is what type of tissue
a) connective
b) muscle
c) nerve
d) epithelial

A group of cells whose function is to carry signals to control movement are
a) nerve cells
b) heart cells
c) digestive cells
d) muscle cells

Epithelial, connective, muscle, and nerve are types of
a) tissues
b) organs
c) cells
d) organs systems

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