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Muj bratr je vysoky.
a) My brother is tall.
b) My brother is young.
c) My brother is old.
d) My brother is slim.

Jane je 12 let.
a) Jane is ten.
b) Jane is eleven.
c) Jane is nine.
d) Jane is twelve.

Odkud jsi?
a) Where are you from?
b) What's your name?
c) How old are you?
d) What's this?

Nase zahrada je velika.
a) Our garden is small.
b) Their garden is small.
c) Their garden is big.
d) Our garden is big.

Oni nemaji psa.
a) They've got a dog.
b) They haven't got a dog.
c) We've got a dog.
d) We haven't got a dog.

Pocitac je na stole.
a) The computer is on the chair.
b) The computer is under the table.
c) The computer is on the table.
d) The computer is next to the table.

Ona ma dlouhe vlasy.
a) He's got long hair.
b) They've got long hair.
c) She's got long hair.
d) We've got long hair.

On je rychly.
a) He's slow.
b) He's friendly.
c) He's fast.
d) He's nice.

Ja mam bratra.
a) I've got a sister.
b) He's got a brother.
c) She's got a brother.
d) I've got a brother.

Ja jsem Petr.
a) I'm Peter.
b) You're Peter.
c) He's Peter.
d) She's Peter.

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