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Things not to say for suicide victim
a) I will help you
b) You have so much to live for
c) Are you considering suicide?
d) You can talk to me

Things to say to help suicide victim
a) I'm here for you
b) Don't do it! It would hurt your family
c) You have so much to live for
d) It's not that bad

Physiological Need
a) food
b) love
c) safety
d) self esteem

Developmental stage with growth spurts and emotional difficulty
a) late adulthood
b) early childhood
c) early adulthood
d) adolescence

developmental stage with most changes
a) early childhood
b) infancy
c) late childhood
d) adolescence

Good listening skills include all EXCEPT
a) leaning back in your chair
b) leaning forward in your chair
c) nodding
d) eye contact

Psychological barrier to communication
a) language not understood
b) poor eyesight
c) prejudice
d) hard of hearing

Components of communication DO NOT include
a) receiver
b) sender
c) message
d) physiological need

Signs of suicide include all EXCEPT
a) Giving things away
b) Neglecting self care
c) Withdrawal
d) Nodding when listening

Blaming Someone else
a) suppression
b) projection
c) rationalization
d) denial

Telling yourself it is OK to do something illegal
a) Projection
b) Rationalization
c) Denial
d) Suppression

Bottom of Maslow's Pyramid
a) Physiological
b) Safety
c) Self Esteem
d) Self Actualization

Follow up after suicide attempt
a) Pretend it never happened
b) Post on FB that they were suicidal
c) Ignore them after
d) Check up on them later

Negative effect of defense mechanism
a) Helps to cope
b) Develop unhealthy habits
c) Helps get through difficult situation
d) Avoids more risky behaviors

Positive effect of defense mechanism
a) Blames others and causes ripple effect
b) Cause unhealthy behavior
c) Helps get through difficult situation
d) May come out later and cause problems

a) Transferring feelings to something or someone else
b) Blaming someone else
c) Blocking memories
d) Telling yourself something is OK when it's not by giving excuses

Nonverbal communication does not include
a) Talking to someone
b) Facial expressions
c) Gestures
d) Hand movements

Benefit to healthcare worker for meeting patient's needs would not include
a) Patient will feel better
b) Patient will be more cooperative
c) Patient may get better faster
d) Patient will hate you for doing this

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