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What is the first step of the scientific method?
a) Observation
b) Hypothesis
c) Question
d) Conclusion

Before you make a hypothesis, you first need to
a) collect some data
b) ask a question
c) make a conclusion
d) develop an experiment

A hypothesis of the scientific method involves
a) telling whether the conclusion was right or wrong
b) listing all the observations made
c) creating a data table to collect data
d) making an educated guess predicting what will happen

The group that does not get what is being tested by the experiment is called the
a) dependent variable
b) control group
c) independent variable
d) test subjects

If one is doing an experiment to determine if cooler temperatures make people fall asleep faster, the dependent variable is
a) how fast people fall asleep
b) the temperature of the room
c) the people who don't fall asleep fast
d) the type of furnace/air conditioning unit used

If one is doing an experiment to determine what type of metal bends the most, the independent variable is
a) the distance the metal bends
b) the color of the metal
c) the type of metal
d) the length of the pieces of metal

The final step to the scientific method is
a) make observations
b) collect the data
c) analyze the data
d) make a conclusion

Which of the following is NOT an observation?
a) the pizza tastes spicy
b) the bell sounds high pitched
c) the flower is pink
d) aqua is my favorite color

In what form do scientists like to communicate data?
a) lengthy paragraphs
b) pictures
c) graphs and charts
d) with lots of big scientific words

Upon making a hypothesis, the next step is to
a) design an experiment
b) collect data in charts
c) make some observations
d) do scientific research

Before making a conclusion, a scientist should
a) do some scientific research
b) analyze the data collected
c) change the question
d) change the hypothesis if he/she were wrong

If the hypothesis of an experiment was that red was the most popular car color and the data collected was 25% of cars are red, 33%of cars are black, 40% of cars are white, and the rest were other colors, what should his conclusion be?
a) he was right that most cars are red
b) he was incorrect because the highest number of cars are black
c) incorrect because the highest number of cars are white
d) that he should buy a white car because it is most popular

What is the minimum number of times a scientist should repeat an experiment to get valid results?
a) 15
b) 10
c) 5
d) 3

The variable that the scientist changes in an experiment is the
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) control
d) testing variable

The variable that is recorded to see how it changes thanks to the what the scientist does is the
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) control
d) testing variable

A student is designing an experiment to find out which type of ball rolls the fastest - a golf ball or a basketball. What variable should be controlled and not allowed to vary?
a) the brand of golf ball or basketball
b) the texture of the surface the balls roll on
c) the color of the balls
d) the direction the balls roll

If I tell Ms. Norwood that all my 8th graders are going to ace this first test, I am making a(n)
a) inference
b) observation
c) classification
d) prediction

The steps of an experiment are called the
a) process
b) plans
c) procedure
d) recipe

Which of these is NOT a prediction?
a) I think I will stay home tonight.
b) I think the balloon will pop when the reaction take place.
c) I think the salt will dissolved when I put it into a beaker of water.
d) I think wood will float when I put it in water.

During the conclusion, what other step of the scientific method do we have to talk about?
a) the question
b) the data
c) the observations
d) the hypothesis

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