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What category of organic molecules are sugars?
a) carbohydrates
b) nucleic acids
c) proteins
d) lipids

What category of organic molecules is cholesterol?
a) lipids
b) nucleic acids
c) carbohydrates
d) proteins

The monomers of proteins are
a) amino acids
b) nucleotides
c) fatty acids
d) sugars

DNA and RNA are composed of
a) nucleotides
b) fatty acids
c) amino acids
d) sugars

Which organic molecules serve as helpers for a variety of chemical reactions in the body?
a) vitamins
b) minerals
c) water
d) proteins

Which molecules are ions needed by the body?
a) minerals
b) vitamins
c) water
d) proteins

What is the function of proteins?
a) build body parts
b) repair body parts
c) regulate cell activities
d) all the choices

Which of the following lipids does not provide energy?
a) cholesterol
b) fats
c) waxes
d) oils

___________ is sometimes called fiber and ___________ be digested
a) cellulose; cannot
b) cellulose; can
c) starch; cannot
d) starch; can

______________ fatty acids are found in _____ and contain one or more double bonds
a) unsaturated; oils
b) unsaturated; fats
c) saturated; fats
d) saturated; oils

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