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A distinction that can be made between developing and developed countries is that
a) developing countries have a lower infant mortality rate
b) in developing countries a smaller percentage of the workforce lives in urban areas
c) developing countries have a greater degree of equality in income distribution
d) There is a lower rate of literacy in developing countries

Before towns and cities can develop into a society, the society needs to establish
a) an educational system
b) an agricultural surplus
c) a writing system
d) a democratic government

Which best describes how a nation's gross domestic product (GDP) is calculated?
a) It is calculated by measuring the expenditures of a nation's Department of Commerce
b) It is determined by the United Nations, which is responsible for assigning value to each nation's money
c) it is calculated by measuring the price of goods and services in the nation's market
d) it is calculated by the Worldwide Bureau of Economic Analysis which was formed in the 1993 NAFTA agreement.

The study of culture primarily involves
a) observing the physical environment of people
b) learning why various peoples live as they do
c) Understanding the technology of modern machinery
d) Analyzing the personalities of children in the same family

Knowing that their faith was in crisis in Europe, many Catholics decided to come to the New World as missionaries. Which theme of geography does this situation best describe?
a) movement
b) location
c) place
d) region

Which reference would be used to find the most recent information about the gross domestic product (GDP) of a nation?
a) Historical atlas
b) thesaurus
c) world almanac
d) dictionary

People in Japan and India eat very little meat, a study of these cultures would show that
a) Although these cultures have similar practices, the reasons for these practices differ
b) The raising of cattle in both nations is difficult due to the extreme climate
c) neither culture is concerned with health issues
d) the governments of both nations enforce strict dietary laws

Which of the following would not be an example of Human-environment interaction?
a) A lake getting polluted by a nearby chemical plant
b) diamonds are mined in Nigeria
c) a bridge is built over Tokyo Bay
d) An avalanche was caused by melting snow in the Swiss Alps

Which of the following statements describes the absolute location of place?
a) Mr. Harvey's house is located about 20 miles North of Charlotte
b) Uwharrie Middle School is located on the same road as the Uwharrie River
c) The co-ordinates for Agra, the city in which the Taj Mahal is located, are 27 degrees North, 78 degrees East
d) It takes Jessica exactly 261 steps to walk from Mr. Harvey's classroom to the gymnasium

Although the world's developed nations have only about 15 percent of the world's population, they are estimated to be responsible for how much of the world's economic activity
a) 50%
b) 80%
c) 25%
d) 65%

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