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Long ago, there were very few roads, and people traveled by horse and buggy. Now we have interstate roads and almost everyone has a car. Which theme of geography does this situation describe?
a) Place
b) Human-Environmental Interaction
c) Relative Location
d) Region

Geographic isolation of a people frequently reinforces
a) a traditional way of life
b) the development of scientific investigation
c) the need for higher education
d) a process of cultural diffusion

Which best describes the impact of urbanization on most societies?
a) urbanization weakens traditional values and life patterns
b) urbanization strengthens the influence of the extended family system
c) urbanization discourages economic growth
d) urbanization promotes population growth throughout the world

Which statement is the best example of cultural diffusion?
a) Venezuela has large reserves of oil
b) Young people dance to rock music in Russia
c) Students in China learn calligraphy in school
d) The Caste system is an important part of life in India

Which best describes why culture is sometimes referred to as a blueprint for living?
a) it flourished best in traditional societies
b) in includes all the things that contribute to a society's development
c) it is determined by genetics
d) it determine the types of jobs offered to members of a society

Which statement best supports the idea that cultural diffusion has greatly affected Southeast Asia?
a) the population of Southeast Asia is concentrated in rural areas
b) Monsoon climates affect food production in Indonesia
c) A reliance on subsistence agriculture remains a problem for many Southeast Asian economies
d) Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam are practice throughout Southeast Asia

A study of quotations by Dante, David Everett, and Lao-Tzu supports the conclusion that
a) all cultures are concerned with transportation and conservation
b) In all cultures, people make excuses for their mistakes
c) Geography is important to the development of all cultures
d) People from different cultures often view situations in similar ways

Historians are interested in studying Maya ruins in Mexico, the haiku poetry of Japan, and the music of Chopin because such cultural and intellectual developments
a) reflect the values of that society
b) illustrate the economic status of individuals in that society
c) help to explain the role of geography in that society
d) Reveal the political structure of that society

Which aspect of a nation's culture is most directly influenced by the physical geography of that nation
a) form of government
b) religious beliefs
c) population distribution
d) social class system

In most traditional societies, the teaching of values is mainly the responsibility of
a) the judicial system
b) the government
c) the educational system
d) the family

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