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In the reaction HNO3 + NaOH → H2O + NaNO3 the ionic salt is
a) NaNO3
b) H2O
c) NaOH
d) HNO3

HNO3 + NaOH → H2O + NaNO3 is an example of a ____________ reaction
a) neutralization
b) synthesis
c) double replacement
d) single replacement

An acidic solution can have a pH of
a) 3
b) 7
c) 10
d) 14

What is the pH of a solution with the lowest hydrogen ion concentration?
a) 14
b) 10
c) 7
d) 3

A hydroxide ion looks like
a) OH-
b) OH
c) H+
d) H

Which substance has a pH greater than 7
a) KOH
b) HCl
c) CH3OH
d) NaCl

Which substance will produce hydrogen ions in solution?
a) HCl
b) KOH
c) CH3OH
d) NaCl

A compound in which few molecules break up into hydroxide ions and positive ions in solution is called a
a) weak base
b) weak acid
c) strong acid
d) strong base

Water is neutral so it has a pH of
a) 7
b) 3
c) 10
d) 14

An acid with a pH of 3 is mixed with a base with a pH of 10. What could be a reasonable pH for the resulting solution?
a) 3
b) 10
c) 14
d) 7

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