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Which was not a result of the Adams-Onis Treaty?
a) The US gained East Florida.
b) The US retained West Florida.
c) The US was given the rights to the Oregon Country.
d) The US gave up all claims to Spanish Texas.

What was 363 miles long?
a) The National Road
b) The Hudson River
c) The Boston Post Road
d) The Erie Canal

Separate compartments where water levels are raised and lowered are called
a) sluices
b) locks
c) barges
d) waterways

The balance between the North and the South was preserved by
a) the Maine Compromise
b) The Missouri Compromise
c) the North-South Compromise
d) the Ohio Compromise

Sectionalism is
a) the canal system
b) an important part of the free enterprise ideal
c) an official count of the population
d) loyalty to a region

Who designed the "Clermont," a steamship which traveled from New York to Albany in 32 hours?
a) Robert Fulton
b) Eli Whitney
c) DeWitt Clinton
d) John Fitch

Who invaded Spanish East Florida in 1818?
a) James Madison
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Robert Fulton
d) John Quincy Adams

One of the chief supporters of state sovereignty was
a) Henry Clay
b) John C. Calhoun
c) Daniel Webster
d) James Monroe

A census is
a) a toll road
b) an artificial waterway
c) the steamship designed by Robert Fulton
d) an official count of the population

This gives legal right to an invention.
a) a census
b) a canal
c) a patent
d) interchangeable parts

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