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What is the simplest way to show the player where it is safe to walk?
a) By creating pitfalls
b) By using dramatic music
c) By incorporating complimentary colors
d) By defining edges

In this genre, the player is required to build an empire. An example is SimCity.
a) Strategy games
b) Management games
c) Adventure games
d) Simulators

In games of this genre, clever thinking is the most important aspect:
a) Arcade games
b) Role Playing games
c) Puzzle games
d) Adventure games

In this genre, an interesting, funny, or surprising story line is crucial. Great art skills are also vital.
a) Adventure games
b) Strategy games
c) Third person shooters
d) Arcade games

This genre contains games that try to realistically simulate some mechanis?
a) Racing games
b) Strategy games
c) Simulators
d) Role Playing games

Which of the following can provide important clues to the game player?
a) What the character looks like
b) How many levels the game contains
c) Music and sound
d) Number of lives the player gets

Which genre would contain a game like Pacman?
a) Arcade games
b) Role Playing games
c) Adventure games
d) Sport games

In which genre is the game world often abstract and two-dimensional?
a) Adventure games
b) Strategy games
c) Role-Playing games
d) Puzzle games

A well-developed story in a game leads to
a) More points
b) Meaningful play
c) Logical thinking
d) Move lives

What two things play a large role in the FEEL of a game?
a) Graphics and Sound
b) Color and Characters
c) Rewards and Pitfalls
d) Points Earned and Lives Lost

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