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Having an attitude of doubt is called
a) objective
b) subjective
c) curiosity
d) skepticism

The ___________ variable is changed by the scientist, which results in change in the __________ variable.
a) dependent; independent
b) independent; dependent
c) inductive; deductive
d) subjective; objective

Scientists come from many different backgrounds and have many different talents
a) True
b) False

A representation of a complex object or idea is called a
a) model
b) background
c) projected
d) inference

Which is a valid reason to reject a scientific theory?
a) Some people disagree with it.
b) It was proposed by a scientist you do not know
c) It covers a topic that you do not know about
d) New evidence contradicts it.

The last step in the Scientific method is
a) forming a hypothesis
b) reporting results
c) gathering research
d) conducting experiments

Scientific knowledge changes with
a) new evidence or new interpretations
b) careful reading of facts
c) repeated experiements
d) new magazine articles

Observations that deal with descriptions but not numbers are called
a) quantitative
b) qualitative
c) subjective
d) objective

Explaining or interpreting the things you observe based on reasoning from what you already know is called
a) observing
b) classifying
c) inferring
d) predicting

Trying to explain why a solar eclipse occurs is an example of
a) an experiment
b) a prediction
c) classification
d) scientific inquiry

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