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Why is the mesosphere colder than the troposphere?
a) Because the mesosphere is closer to the ground
b) Because the mesosphere contains ozone
c) Because the molecules in the mesosphere are spaced farther apart
d) Because the molecules in the troposphere are spaced farther apart

Why would the Environmental Protection Agency seek to monitor atmospheric pollution and air quality?
a) to make sure the air pressure remains constant over time
b) to make it rain in drought affected areas
c) to maintain the respiratory health of humans
d) to reduce the amount of oxygen released by rainforests

The theory of global warming is based on an increase of what atmospheric gas?
a) carbon dioxide
b) helium
c) hydrogen
d) oxygen

Which of the following practices would best conserve fossil fuels for future generations?
a) drive at high speeds to make gasoline combustion more efficient
b) change the oil in the car only once per year
c) plan trips so that fewer miles are driven
d) park unused cars in a shaded area

Which best explains why the burning of fossil fuels has been attributed to the accumulation of greenhouse gases?
a) Solar energy is collected during the burning of fossil fuels
b) wind energy is produced during the burning of fossil fuels
c) thermal energy is released during the burning of fossil fuels
d) electrical energy is wasted during the burning of fossil fuels

Which is typically used to measure air pressure?
a) thermometer
b) satellite
c) barometer
d) hot-air baloon

Which layer of the atmosphere reflects radio waves?
a) mesosphere
b) troposphere
c) ionosphere
d) stratosphere

Which is used in the classification of the layers of the atmosphere?
a) altitude
b) temperature
c) air pressure
d) pollutants

Which of the following pollutes water, air, and land?
a) flurocarbons
b) smog
c) acid rain
d) ozone

The Greenhouse effect is caused primarily by which of the following processes?
a) blocking incoming short wave solar energy
b) absorbing incoming short wave solar energy
c) heating of the Earth's stratosphere
d) Absorbing outgoing long wave radiation from the Earth

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