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Unit One Post-test.[print questions]

When a toy car with a spring is wound up, it is ready to move. Why does this happen?
a) The spring uses kinetic energy to move the car.
b) The car stores energy that is released to move the spring.
c) The car stores energy that is released when it moves.
d) The spring stores energy that is released to move the car.

Which of the following scenarios is an example of work being done?
a) Pat leaning on a wall
b) Pat sitting in a chair
c) Pat playing tag
d) Pat standing up

Define power:
a) Power is how fast an object can move.
b) Power is the amount of energy contained in an object.
c) Power is the total amount of energy used by an object.
d) Power is the rate at which energy is converted from one form to another.

Elaine turns on a lamp to do her homework. What did she use energy to produce?
a) mass
b) atoms
c) work
d) matter

All simple machines provides mechanical advantage. They reduce the amount of effort needed to ___________.
a) gain energy
b) decrease energy
c) do work
d) add energy to a system

What is the difference between energy and power?
a) Energy is the amount of work done on an object while power is the rate at which the work is done.
b) Energy is how fast an object moves while power is the weight of the object multiplied by its speed.
c) Energy is the amount of work an object can do while power is the amount of work done on the object.
d) Energy is how long a motion last while power is how much total motion there is.

When Rick picks up a heavy box and walks it to his car, he is doing work. Why is it work?
a) Matter is destroyed
b) Energy is created
c) Matter is created
d) Energy is transferred

Evaluate the mechanical advantage of a ramp that is one meter high and four meters long. (Mechanical advantage = input distance / output distance)
a) Four
b) Three
c) Two
d) One

John and MIke both weigh the same but John ran up a flight of stairs faster than Mike. Which statement is correct?
a) Mike used more power than John.
b) John had more energy than Mike.
c) John used more power than Mike.
d) Mike had more energy than John.

When a force is appled to raise a backpack off the floor, it is an example of _______.
a) work
b) balance
c) gravity
d) potential energy

Which of the following is an example of energy transfer or work?
a) riding a bicycle
b) leaning on a wall
c) a ball sitting in the grass
d) a car in the driveway

A ball moving across a field is an example of work if _______________.
a) it has been moved by a force
b) it moves quickly
c) it is not sitting still
d) it changes direction

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