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this button looks like an eraser
a) clear formatting
b) text erase
c) backspace
d) page clear

to unhighlight text, you...
a) select the highlighted text and click the highlight button
b) double click on the highlighted text
c) click clear formatting
d) select the unhighlight button from the page layout tab

if you wanted to capitalize each letter of your text you would use this button
a) change case
b) grow font
c) shrink font
d) all caps

when text appears below other text
a) subscript
b) subpar
c) sub sandwich
d) submarine

when text is placed above other text
a) superscript
b) subscript
c) overscript
d) overstock

these are changes in format that can be made to your text
a) character effects
b) page layout
c) insert
d) styles

which tab are character effects found under?
a) home
b) file
c) insert
d) page layout

to select a paragraph, how many times would you click?
a) three
b) two
c) one

to select a word, how many times would you click?
a) two
b) three
c) one

which of the following is not a change case option
a) toggle case
b) uppercase
c) lowercase
d) paragraph case

which button allows you to change the level of an outline?
a) increase indent
b) shift+tab
c) enter
d) outline shift

which type of list should be used when the sequence(order) of the list is important
a) numbered
b) bulleted
c) neither

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