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spring; The children enjoy trying to scoop tadpoles out of the spring.
a) water from the ground
b) a season
c) a coil of wire
d) a jump in the air

pound; The baker used his fists to pound the dough into a flat disc.
a) strike firmly
b) throb
c) measure the weight of
d) shelter animals

mean: The man asked, What do the markings on the wall mean?
a) represent
b) be stingy
c) be unkind
d) average

bound: The shipping crates were bound with strong ropes.
a) tied
b) limited
c) leaped
d) headed

a) handled with skill
b) explored
c) supervised
d) operated with difficulty

a) conduct
b) opinion
c) happiness
d) impression

a) decision
b) failure
c) ending
d) desire

a) clear up
b) figure out
c) ignore
d) explain

a) exactly
b) daringly
c) accidentally
d) expertly

figure; A solid gold figure of a cat was found next to the mummy.
a) a sculpture
b) a calculation
c) a number
d) a drawing

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