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You come into the library at lunch. Which statement is acceptable??
a) You eat your lunch at a table. Keeping all food away from computers.
b) You eat anywhere you want and make a mess.
c) You can't come to the library at lunch.

In order to come to the library at lunch what do you need?
a) A library pass from Ms. Leithauser.
b) Money to bribe the teacher on duty
c) A signed pass from a teacher sending you to the office

Select the statement that best represents a good research topic.
a) One that is interesting to you, broad enough to allow you to find information, but not so broad it's overwhelming
b) An interesting topic
c) A broad topic that will ensure there is a ton of information on it.
d) A topic that your teacher finds interesting

The library offers several information databases. Which ones do we offer?
a) Student Resources, Biography in context
b) Student Resources, Google,
c) What are databases?
d) Student Resources in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, EBSCO

Why should you use the databases?
a) You shouldn't use them
b) They are reliable, accurate, and reviewed by experts
c) It will make Ms. Leithauser happy

What are some things you should look for when evaluating websites?
a) Author, Context, Bias, Relevance
b) Author, Context, Visual Appeal of website
c) Context, Copyright, Domain
d) Context, Relevance, Visual Appeal

What is the name of the library's catalog?
a) InfoCentre
b) Destiny
c) Millenium

You are looking for the English Reading Lists. Where should you look?
a) Destiny Resource lists
b) Binder on the library Counter
c) All of the above

You need to choose a book to read for English, what are some things that can help you?
a) Reviews on Destiny
b) Ms. Leithauser
c) Novelist
d) All of the above

What is the #1 rule in the library
a) Be Quiet
b) Be respectful and nice
c) Read all the time
d) Nothing is allowed in the library

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