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How can you increase the potential energy of a diver in the olympics?
a) jump
b) go to a lower diving board
c) work out and loose weight
d) go to a higher diving board

When a person is sledding down a hill where do they have the most kinetic energy?
a) right after the top of the hill
b) at the bottom of the hill when they are going the tastest
c) at the very top of the hill
d) once they have stopped

When a person is jump roping where do they have the most potential energy?
a) at the top right before they go down again
b) at the bottom when they hit the ground
c) in the middle of their jump
d) at the bottom when they bend their knees

The amount of kinetic energy something has depends on its....
a) mass and velocity
b) mass and height
c) mass and weight
d) mass and speed

The ability to cause change is.....
a) kinetic energy
b) energy
c) potential energy
d) gravitational potential energy

Which one has more kinetic energy and why? A baseball or a soccer ball
a) a baseball because it has more mass
b) a soccer ball because it has more mass
c) a baseball because it is smaller
d) a soccer ball because it is bigger

If you increase _________ and __________ then you will increase the objects amount of potential energy.
a) mass, acceleration
b) mass, velocity
c) mass, speed
d) mass, height

Kinetic energy is the energy of________________
a) motion and position
b) position
c) motion
d) stored energy

When a sling shot is pulled back all the way it has.......
a) gravitation potential energy
b) elastic potential energy
c) kinetic energy
d) chemical energy

What happens to an object has it falls toward the Earth?
a) it gains speed as it falls
b) it loses energy as it falls
c) it loses speed as it falls
d) It loses mass as it falls

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