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Which of the following has a covalent bond?
a) KF
b) CaCl2
c) SF4
d) Al2O3

Which of the following is a polar covalent bond?
a) Cl-Cl
b) Si-Si
c) Ca-Cl
d) P-Cl

Which of the following is a nonpolar covalent bond?
a) Cl-Cl
b) Si-Si
c) Ca-Cl
d) P-Cl

covalent bonds are formed when 2 atoms ___________ valence electrons
a) share
b) gain
c) lose
d) none of the choices

How many covalent bonds can a nitrogen (N) atom make?
a) 3
b) 4
c) 1
d) 2

O=O is an example of a ______________ bond
a) double
b) single
c) triple
d) ionic

Molecular compounds do not have which of the following properties?
a) high boiling points
b) low melting points
c) poor conductivity
d) none of the choices

The forces that hold ______________ together is _______
a) molecules; weak
b) ions; weak
c) molecules; polar
d) ions; polar

What is necessary to conduct an electric current?
a) charged particles
b) neutral particles
c) molecules
d) 2 of the choices

____________ molecules have ____________ bonds and mix well with polar molecules
a) polar; stronger
b) nonpolar; stronger
c) polar; weaker
d) nonpolar; weaker

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