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Students Will Identify The Key Componets Of An Operating System.[print questions]

Joe wants to control the access rights to his computer. Therefore, he specifies a user name and password to log on to the computer. Which of the following processes does the operating system perform to confirm his logon information?
a) Computation
b) Initialization
c) Authentication
d) Authorization

Your friend is on a holiday trip. She sends you an e-mail message that includes photographs of the places that she visited. You want to use one of these photographs as wallpaper on your computer screen. Which part will display the wallpaper?
a) Title bar
b) Desktop
c) Taskbar
d) System tray

You are using Windows XP on your office computer. You need to go to a meeting soon and want to check the exact time on your computer. Where will the Windows XP user interface display this information?
a) Scroll bar
b) Taskbar
c) System tray
d) Start menu

You join a new office. Your manager asks you to verify that Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003 is installed on your computer. You want to open the Programs menu to check this. Which component of the Windows interface will you use to open the Program?
a) Start button
b) System tray
c) taskbar
d) Scroll bar

Ken opens a document that is named ProductList. Which of the following components of the open window will display this name?
a) Menu bar
b) Toolbar
c) Title bar
d) Status bar

You want to open the file that you worked on last. In Microsoft Windows Explorer, which view will you choose to help you find the most recently saved file on your computer?
a) Icons
b) Thumbnails
c) List
d) Details

You select a file that you want to move from its original folder to a new folder. Which of the following commands will you choose from the Edit menu in this case?
a) Clear
b) Replace
c) Cut
d) Delete

You saved a file on drive C of your computer. You want to find and open the file. Which of the following programs will you use to find the saved file?
a) Spreadsheet program
b) Microsoft Windows Explorer
c) Word-processing program
d) Notepad

You start Microsoft Paint and create a graphic. On the File menu, you click Save to save the file, and you do not change the location option that appears in the dialog box. In which folder will the file be saved by default?
a) My Documents
b) My Computer
c) Desktop
d) My Pictures

You change a document that is saved on your computer by cutting text from the document. What happens to the text when you perform this file operation?
a) It is permanently deleted.
b) It goes to the Recycle Bin.
c) It goes to the Clipboard
d) It remains in its original location.

You create an article in Microsoft Office Word 2003. You save the document on your desktop by using the name Business. In which of the following file formats will the document be saved?
a) Business.doc
b) Business.jpg
c) Business.exe
d) Business.wma

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