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What type of cell has cytoplasm (the fluid filled region from the cell membrane to the necleus)?
a) plant
b) animal
c) both
d) neither

Cell Theory States :
a) Cells come from organ that already exist
b) All organisms are made of cells which are the basic unit of orgaization of all cells
c) cells are not the basic unit of organization
d) Cells were not discovered by Robert Hooke

What type of cells have a cell membrane?
a) plant cels
b) anima cells
c) both
d) neither

What is the function of Golgi Bodies?
a) transports materials in both plant and animal cells
b) packages and transports proteins and holds waste products until the cell is ready to get rid of them
c) seperates the inner parts of the cell from the surrounding environment
d) the smallest unit of life

Which of the following is a false statement about chloroplasts
a) Chloroplast give leaves their green leaves their green color
b) Chloroplast use energy from the cell to convet water into carbondioxide
c) Chloroplast is only found in plant cell
d) Chloropast is the organelles that contains chorophyll

The fuction of the nucleus is to:
a) Control protein production
b) release energy in the cell
c) tranport materials around and out of the cell
d) Control the activiities of the cell; act as the brain

The Levels of Organization of Living Organisms
a) cell, organism, tissue, organ
b) cell, tissue, organ, organism
c) organ, tissue, cell, organism
d) organism organ, cell, tissue

What is the function of the cytoplasm
a) a jelly-like substance that holds al the organelles in place
b) releases energy in the cell
c) contain the pigment called chlorophyll
d) transport food, water and waste around and out the cell

What is the purpose of the mitochondria in both plant and animal cells?
a) stores water and food and waste
b) they act as the powerhouse of the cell and releases energy
c) pakages and transports protein
d) provides protection

Which f the fllowng organelles do lant and animals have in common?
a) Mitochondria,chloroplasts, endoplasmic retiuum an nucleus
b) golgi bodies, nucleus, cholorplast and vacuoles
c) mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and golgi bodies
d) mitochondria,endoplasmic reticulum and cholorplast

What dopt chel havetataniamlcells d not
a) plants have a nuleus and mitochondria
b) plants have vacuole and nucleus
c) plants have a nucleus and a cell membrane
d) plants have a cell wall and choloplast

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