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What builds strong, hard bones and teeth?
a) minerals
b) Laffy Taffy
c) hammer and nails
d) medicine

What must you do everyday to make your muscles strong?
a) play video games
b) watch t.v.
c) exercise
d) eat dessert

What type of foods build muscles and help your body get well when you're sick?
a) protein
b) sweets
c) muffins
d) desserts

What do our bodies store energy in the form of?
a) blood
b) air
c) skin
d) fat

Foods full of sugar and _____ work best to give us energy.
a) salt
b) spaghetti
c) starch
d) soup

When you work and play, what does your body change food into?
a) energy
b) fruit
c) dinner
d) hair

What part of your body helps you to play and work?
a) ears
b) lungs
c) nose
d) muscles

Your body grows and changes for about how many years?
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30
d) 40

Who made the world and all that's in it?
a) God
b) you
c) me
d) Mom

What help protect us from getting colds and diseases?
a) raincoat
b) vitamins
c) mittens
d) umbrella

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