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An aside is a remark spoken by an actor that is intended to be heard by the audience but not by the other characters in the play. Identify two asides in THE BIRTHMARK.
a) (to the audience)
b) (to Alymer)
c) (to James)
d) (to the rose)

This play is divided into two acts, each of which is divided into smaller sections called scenes. The beginning of a new act indicates a significant change in time, action, or location. What happens in the last scene of Act 1?
a) Georgiana finally tells James to remove the birthmark.
b) James tells Georgiana to remove the birthmark.
c) Alymer tells James to remove the birthmark.
d) Georgiana tells Alymer to remove the birthmark.

Why do you think the playwright chose to begin a new act after scene 3?
a) Very calm and people were getting bored.
b) Due to music and people wanted to dance
c) It was tense and very dramatic, and audience is in suspense
d) It was terrifying and people got scared and ran out.

In how many different settings does the play take place?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Name the settings.
a) Dining room, parlor, bedroom, study, and labrotory.
b) Kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, study, and parlor.
c) Dining room, parlor, laundry room, kitchen, and porch.
d) Porch, kitchen, laundry room, study, and laborotory.

What are the stage directions at the end of each scene?
a) Everyone Claps/ Everyone Run
b) Everyone leaves/ Everyone Claps
c) Lights Fade / Curtain Falls
d) Lights get bright/Curtain comes up.

What is the description of the role of lightening in Act 1, Scene II?
a) A flashlight is used in act 1 scene 2, to indicate quick leaps in time.
b) A camera is used in act 1 scene 2 to indicate a slow leap in time.
c) A lamp is used in act 1 scene 2 to indicate a steady leap in time.
d) A spotlight is used in act 1 scene 2 to indicate a quick leap in time.

What effect does the spotlight have?
a) The effect of emphasizing the extent of Alymer's obsession with the birthmark.
b) The effect of ignoring the extent of Alymers obsession with the birthmark.
c) The effect of revealing the extent of Jame's obsession with the birthmark.
d) The effect of emphasizing the extent of Georgiana's obession with the birthmark.

List 1 adjective that describes the tone of the play.
a) calming
b) cautionary
c) exciting
d) fast

What does the play do when there is danger of being obsessed with removing all flows.
a) Slows
b) Speeds up
c) Stays Steady
d) Does nothing

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