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Play: The Birthmark.

a) When the personality of a fiction character is revealed by the use of descriptive adjectives or phrases.
b) Thoughts and feelings
c) Ideas
d) When the personality of a fiction character is revealed through the character's speech, actions, appearance, etc.

When the reader learns that Alymer is obsessed with the birthmark by commenting and starring at the birthmark, what type of characterization is that?
a) direct
b) indirect
c) foward
d) backward

When Alymer states I can correct what nature left imperfect and the reader realizes he is conceited and over confident, what kind of characterization is that?
a) indirect
b) direct
c) backward
d) forward

Who is the narrator in the story?
a) James
b) Alymer
c) Allisa
d) Peter

Who is the character in the story?
a) Leslie
b) James
c) Peter
d) Alfred

In what tense does James speak in?
a) Past Tense
b) Present Tense
c) Future tense
d) Common tense

How does the audience know that James is telling us about events that happened in the past?
a) He speaks in common tense
b) He speaks in present tense
c) He speaks in future tense
d) He speaks in past tense

Why do you think the playwright includes state directions?
a) Because the author felt like it.
b) Because the author was told to.
c) Because it is instruction for how the play should be performed
d) Because it should not be preformed

Which one is a significant prop used in THE BIRTHMARK ?
a) A knife because it killed the mouse
b) A gun because he used it to shoot a man
c) The scapel because it creates a strong and terrifying image for the audience
d) A hamper because he needed a place to put his clothes.

What is another significant prop used in the play.
a) The rose. It is a symbol of Geogiana both in its beauty and in its death.
b) The hamper because he needed a place to put his clothes
c) The closet door because he need to put his clothes up
d) The shoe, because he didnt want to run around in bear feet.

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