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What is a noun?
a) word that expresses an action
b) word that names a person, place, thing, or idea
c) word that describes a noun or pronoun
d) word that describes a person, place, or thing

What is a verb?
a) word that expresses an action
b) word that describes a noun
c) word that answers: what kind?How many?which one?
d) word that names a person. place. thing. or idea

What is an adjective?
a) a complete thought
b) word that names a person, place, thing or idea
c) word that expresses action or mental activities
d) word that describes a noun or pronoun

Which is a proper noun?
a) ocean
b) cheeto puff
c) iPhone
d) moms

which is a singular noun?
a) iPhones
b) wives
c) Oreos
d) Lucky Charms

Which list below are considered verbs?
a) a, an, and the
b) this, that, these, and those
c) mental, physical
d) have, has, had

Which sentence has two demonstrative adjectives?
a) Megan has those shoes over there.
b) I have seen that yellow coat at the mall.
c) This is a great day for those sunglasses!
d) I think this dog killed all those birds on our back porch.

A complete sentence includes...?
a) Noun, verb
b) complete thought, adjective, verb
c) complete thought, noun, verb
d) adjective, noun, verb

A Proper Adjective is...?
a) An adjective that is capitalized at the beginning of the sentence
b) made up of a Proper Noun
c) Never capitalized
d) made up of Proper Verbs

A, an, and the are all considered?
a) Short Verbs
b) Articles
c) Demonstrative Adjectives
d) Proper Adjectives

Iran to the store for some medication.
a) Complete Sentence
b) Fragment Sentence

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