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what is the file path for autocorrect?
a) file-options-proofing-autocorrect options
b) home-options-autocorrect options
c) insert-proofing-replace____ with ______
d) home-options-proofing-autocorrect options

what separates the ribbon into similar commands?
a) group
b) tab
c) ribbon cutter
d) scissors

the name of a file is not really important when saving a document
a) false
b) true

you should always save to the ________ drive
a) U
b) G
c) H
d) C

To open a file you can use _____________, located in the task bar
a) windows explorer
b) ribbon
c) file tab
d) insert tab

a new document can be created by using this shortcut:
a) ctrl N
b) ctrl D
c) ctrl T
d) ctrl H

A thesaurus displays ____________ for a particular word
a) synonyms
b) liknesses
c) hyperboles
d) allegories

the thesaurus and the spelling and grammar check are located under which tab?
a) review
b) view
c) insert
d) editing

Grammatical errors are underlined in which color?
a) green
b) red
c) pink
d) blue

The save button creates a copy of your file
a) false
b) true
c) maybe
d) let me think about it

if you use a word a lot and want to create a shortcut for it, you would use which option?
a) autocorrect
b) find
c) replace
d) ctrl c

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