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Which of the following describes a factor that changes due to the manipulated variable?
a) hypothesis
b) data
c) experiment
d) responding variable

Which part of the scientific inquiry process includes sharing information?
a) communicating
b) drawing conclusions
c) designing an experiment
d) posing questions

Data is collected in which of the following?
a) graphs
b) tables
c) charts
d) surveys

Facts or figures and other evidence gathered in an observation is
a) data
b) variables
c) graphs
d) hypothesis

Which of the following describes a hypothesis?
a) a factor that changes due to a manipulated variable
b) data collected in an experiment
c) way to measure a variable
d) a possible explanation to an observation or question

You begin the scientific inquiry process by asking a question based on a(n)
a) data
b) variables
c) observation
d) responses

When graphing the dependent variable, where does it go?
a) x axis
b) y axis
c) middle
d) on the bottom of the chart

The diverse ways that scientists study the world and explain what happens describes
a) scientific inquiry
b) posing questions
c) collecting data
d) communicating

When Drawing Conclusions, what piece of information do you test for being correct?
a) variables
b) data
c) charts
d) hypothesis

Data is collected in
a) table
b) graph
c) chart
d) survey

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